Welcome to the Wayfarer Motel Muswellbrook

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Latest Projects

we are constantly looking at improving customer satisfaction. Updating the signage, installing new electronic locks, installing new split AC systems, are on our agenda.

Guest reating area

We have free up the area on the side of the motel near the poor. Setting up chairs and tables for our guests to rest and enjoy looking over the golf course or watching TV shows.

Front Signage

The frontal signage looks scattered and broken. New outdoor LED panel are to be installed to replace those old light boxes.

Hot water systems

The motel had 5 hot water systems installed. All of them being the same type storing hot water to be consumed. From time to time, during the peak of the hot water usage, the hot water systems were struggled to keep up with the demand. With the shortcoming of the tank type hot water system in mind, two new gas continuous hot water systems are added to provide endless hot water services to our guests. Running out of water is a thing in past now!

Electronic keyless lock

It's 21 century. It's time to update to the latest technology. New electronic keyless locks are to be installed. Our guests will no longer need to look for the key hole to unlock the door, a simple wave of the access card will open the door. Late arriving guests will receive a pin code via SMS to open the room door.

Electronic Noticeboard

An electronic noteboard system has been setup within the fron office. It displays relevant information and notice to late arriving guests.